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Efiniti is an Australian owned company established in 2006 with a history of Telecommunications Industry success. We are a multi-dimensional provider of end-to-end Professional services in the Telecommunications and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

We design, build and manage smart end-to-end IT&T solutions over an extensive range of technology areas. Our diverse portfolio ranges from enterprise solutions for the private to the public sector. Our expertise not only help envision simple solutions to complex problems but also materialise systems that improve management of services. We help enable our clients to optimise their operational efficiency by our unique business model and practices.

Efiniti enjoys a reputation in the industry as a premium managed services provider and outsourced mode of operations specialist. We are intimately familiar with the Telecommunications / ICT industry, its requirements and the challenging tasks associated with successful operations. We never sacrifice the quality we continue to deliver and achieve beyond expectation every time.

Over the years we have successfully delivered multiple projects and solutions to our clients that are efficient, optimised, resilient and cohesive.

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