Efiniti’s End-to-End Network Services helped its Teleco Client to Roll Out 5G Services across Australia.

As telecommunication networks gear up for the next level of mobile connectivity, 5G technology, they require specialised services to roll out the new infrastructure across Australia. When a leading teleco client approached Efiniti to provide end-to-end network project services, they were looking for a reliable partner that could help them get ahead of the competition.

Client’s Requirement

Efiniti was tasked with the task of designing, implementing, and deploying a robust 5G network infrastructure for the client. The client's existing network infrastructure had to be upgraded and optimised to support the new technology while keeping downtime to a minimum.

The Solution

Efiniti's PMO, Planning, Design, Provisioning, and Field Services teams worked together to deliver a seamless end-to-end network service that exceeded the client's expectations. The PMO ensured that all safety protocols were followed, reporting was timely and accurate, escalations were handled efficiently, and delivery targets were met.

The Planning team developed a comprehensive network plan that identified the necessary upgrades and objectives required to support a sustainable and robust network. This plan was shared with the Design team, who developed detailed designs for fibre, microwave, core, and access networks, providing feedback to the Planning team on any upgrades required.

Once the plans and designs were finalised, the Provisioning team took over and were responsible for network provisioning across all network topologies. This included testing, resolution, integration, monitoring, mapping, trials, and auditing of all network elements. The Field Services team then executed the plans on the ground. They were responsible for installs, testing, commissioning, upgrades, trials, troubleshooting, recoveries, fibre patching, splicing, cabling, and site surveys, working efficiently to minimise downtime and ensure that the network was up and running as quickly as possible.

The close coordination between these teams was crucial in ensuring the success of the project. The Planning team's plans were executed precisely by the Design and Provisioning teams, while the Field Services team ensured that everything was implemented correctly on the ground. The PMO oversaw the entire project, ensuring that everyone was on the same page, and all aspects of the project were completed within the agreed timelines. Overall, the seamless coordination and collaboration between these teams resulted in the successful rollout of the network service, which exceeded the client's expectations.

The Result

Efiniti's end-to-end network project service enabled the teleco client to roll out 5G services across Australia in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The new network infrastructure was robust, scalable, and sustainable, and the client was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Key highlights:

  • Efiniti Design Engineers have completed over 8000 network designs & over a 1000 Fibre designs
  • In addition, Efiniti’s Field Engineers have deployed and installed over 6000 NTU’s and with the support of Efiniti’s Provisioning Engineers completed the migration of over 12000 services
  • Furthermore, Efiniti’s Field Engineers have installed over 200 power systems and over 300 battery backup systems & over 30 clocking devices
  • Efiniti has also completed the decommissioning of over 2000 network devices including the removal of power system, racks, and cabling


The coordination between the different departments of Efiniti enabled the client to experience a seamless and successful 5G network deployment across Australia.

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